1. Yêu cầu: Tiếng Anh (giao tiếp và làm việc qua email).

2. Chế độ: Mức lương cạnh tranh, đóng bảo hiểm theo quy định (ở mức cao), lương tháng 13, có thưởng quý (nếu cả Chi nhánh đạt thưởng).

3. Liên hệ: Ms. Thảo, di động: 0979318691 (có thể liên hệ trực tiếp hoặc qua zalo để ứng viên dễ gửi CV), email: thaophandn@vn.hansae.com.

Địa điểm làm việc: Tân Kỳ, Nghệ An.

4. Mô tả công việc

4.1. QA:

- Control all quality process in factory from beginning to final.

- Responsible for all the QA/ QC functions in the relevant section.

- Coordinate with production team to solve and improve quality issues.

- Set up the defect goals & checking plan for unfinished and finished garments in-line and end-line.

- Implement/ follow up quality improvements initiatives.

- Co-ordinate with factories and merchandising team to arrange the inspection schedule

- Provide technical advice and support on all quality assurance issues e.g. corrective and preventive action plans to meet quality standards and performance.

- Make quality report and support for QA manager...

4.2. MR (quản lý đơn hàng):

- Follow up status of order from beginning to shipment. - Folow up production schedule to keep delevery time.

- Folow up status order from the beginning production until finish shipment.

- Folow up material status to keep production line. - Check material and cons of fabric - Pushing factory to get PP sample/ testing sample/ TOP sample... on time.

- Check & solve problem in production closely to cath delivery.

- Worked directly with factory about updating fabric, trim, pattern, and construction sample.

- Follow up fabric & accessory to keep line schedule input on time.

- Checking consumption of fabric & accessories.

- Communicating with sale teams and factories to keep well proceed.

- Follow up production schedule and delivery time.

- Other tasks from Production manager...